World Music Report

As I mentioned in an earlier post I seldom venture outside my comfort zone of jazz and blues musical preferences. Earlier in the summer I had the chance to catch Laura Pausini, the World famous Italian pop diva whom I only became aware of in February of this year while visiting Costa Rica. I actually lived there for two months.


Tamarindo – Costa Rica

Small world that it is, one of Ms Pausini’s management people happens to be of Italian origin and lives in Costa Rica. We became friends and he assured me that he would touch base with me when visiting Toronto as part of the Laura Pausini World Tour 2016.

Sure enough when the Pausini tour rolled into Canada my friend contacted me. He arranged for me to get four VIP passes and off I went with family and friends to witness Latin pop stardom.

photo by Walter V.

Laura Pausini – Barclays Arena – NY

My review of the show was published in World Music Report. A webzine that is close to my heart. The editor and chief Danilo has always been receptive to publishing articles on Latin Jazz and World music. Many of my articles have been published on either the World Music Report or the sister webzine Latin Jazz Review.

A link to my review of Laura Pausini is below, please check it out and feel free to view the many fine articles and related webzines: